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September 1, 2010

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Single-Use Bioreactors


Product: Modular, integrated bioreactors

Applications: Single-use cell culture

Features: PBS Biotech has introduced its “next-generation” single-use bioreactors. The first three models support maximum working volumes of 3 L, 15 L, and 80 L to support expansion and process scale-up from R&D to pilot plants. The modular, preconfigured bioreactors feature an integrated controller with a graphical user interface, proprietary low–shear-stress Air-Wheel agitation, automated sampling, and an on-board database. Each unit is built to order, with options for customization.

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Tangential-Flow Filtration


Product: Cadence TFF systems

Applications: Concentration of biomolecules in volume capacities from several to thousands of liters

Features: Cadence single-pass TFF systems eliminate the recirculation loop and streamline operations to optimize downstream processing in single-use or reuse modes of operation. The new Cadence module TFF format incorporates a fluid-path design that enables direct-flow operation with a reduction in system hold-up volume. Along with improved recovery capabilities, this helps increase yield and achieve higher product recoveries than can be achieved with traditional TFF.

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Tubing Clamps


Product: BioClamps

Applications: Single-use bioprocessing

Features: BioPure’s redesigned tubing clamps use a cable-tie retaining ring on the wing nut to facilitate tamper evidence. Pronounced internal and external edges have been removed, and size identification has been added to each component. Lot number identification is improved, and patent numbers have been added where space allows. With the BioValve range of products, these clamps are designed to ensure secure and convenient processing and media transport.

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Product: BioOptimal microfilters

Applications: Downstream processing

Features: Asahi Kasei’s BioOptimal MF-SL range of microfilters are designed for cell culture clarification and protein harvest. Their unique hollow-fiber membrane structure enables gentle processing of cells and proteins in tangential-flow mode, which reduces the burden on subsequent processing steps. These filters are also suitable for use in perfusion processes. The chemically stable polysulfone membranes are compatible with industry-standard cleaning and sterilization processes and offer high throughput and fast processing times, and they perform well even with high-density cultures.

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Disposable Crossflow Filters

Product: Sartoflow Alpha plus SU

Applications: Ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and diafiltration in purification of vaccines and proteins

Features: The Sartoflow Alpha plus SU system is designed for CGMP process development, clinical trials, and small-scale commercial manufacturing. The capsulated gamma-sterilized bag loop contains a crossflow cartridge unit, pump tubing, pressure domes, flow meters, valves, bags, and tubing. Small volumes can be purified aseptically on a laboratory benchtop. To facilitate handling, the control unit and filtration module are separate components.

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Cellular Analysis

Product: Streptamer technology

Applications: Bioanalysis

Features: IBA GmbH and Beckman Coulter, Inc. have partnered for exclusive North American distrubution of IBA’s Streptamer product portfolio for T cell staining and isolation. Streptamer technology allows for antigen-specific staining and isolation of naturally occurring T cells with reversible reagents that do not affect cell expression, trigger activation, or induce functional changes. Because all reagents used for staining or isolation can be removed with biotin, the isolated T cells remain uncompromised and retain phenotypic and functional characteristics undistinguishable from naturally occurring cells.

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Fluid Management


Product: AdvantaFlex tubing

Applications: Bioprocessing

Features: AdvantaFlex weldable and heat-sealable tubing is designed for high-purity fluid transfe
r. It lasts 6–10× longer than similar tubing tested in peristaltic pumps. AdvantaPure’s silicone products are cleanroom manufactured and stored in a low-particulate-level warehouse. Additional products include BioClosure systems (silicone container closures); the DocuLink method of distinguishing silicone manifolds after installation; and Gamma Tag gamma-irradiatable RFID tags.

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Disposables Containment


Product: FlexStation containers

Applications: Single-use bioprocessing

Features: FlexStation rigid outer containers from Meissner’s One-Touch single-use systems portfolio come with optional accessories for enhanced mobility: a 304 stainless steel mobile cart and pallet truck. These rigid transport and shipping containers come in standard sizes of 100 L, 200 L, 500 L, and 1,000 L to fit Meissner’s TepoFlex 3D biocontainers. The 100-L and 200-L mobile carts are forklift compatible. Meissner provides comprehensive qualification and validation services, documentation, and application support.

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Automated Osmometer


Product: Advanced 2020-BIO automated osmometer

Applications: Cell culture and clinical testing

Features: The 2020-BIO instrument is designed for biopharmaceutical researchers, application integrators, and contract laboratories wishing to automate their osmolality testing. Features such as remote system control, open connectivity, and bidirectional data transfer fit all laboratory automation platforms. The system uses an industry-preferred freezing-point method for accurate osmolality determinations. It streamlines work flow and data integration and is the only instrument offering osmolality testing in an automation-friendly package.

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Liquid Media and Reagents

Product: Centers of Excellence

Applications: Bioprocessing and bioprocess R&D

Features: SAFC (a member of the Sigma-Aldrich Group) is expanding its global centers of excellence to support seamless upstream and downstream processing of liquid cell culture reagents (including media, feeds, and purification buffers) in St. Louis, MO, and Irvine, Scotland. Animal-component–free and animal-component–containing areas have been dedicated and segregated. Construction is scheduled for completion in late 2010, with product qualification running through the first quarter of 2011. Harmonization of the two centers is intended to ensure global product consistency.

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Shaking Bioreactor Advice

Service: Dr. Shaker website

Applications: Cell culture

Features: Developers and users of shaken bioreactors can find information online at Forum Shaking Technology’s website. Since early 2009, the “Dr. Shaker” network of specialists from industry and academia have provided in-depth answers about the technology and its applications. Website visitors can also access a continually updated free publication database and sign up for the Shaken-Not-Stirred newsletter, which highlights new developments and events, with a scientific paper in each issue. The forum is supported by A. Kuhner AG, PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH, Duran Group GmbH, and TPP Techno Plasic Products AG.

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Product: Scienceware Clear View fume hoods and glove boxes

Applications: Analytical laboratories and small-scale production

Features: Scienceware Clear View fume hoods are made of clear polycarbonate to allow 360° view of work inside while providing local ventilation to limit users’ exposure to hazardous or noxious fumes, vapors, or dusts. Scienceware Clear View glove boxes come in three standard sizes (“1 × 1,” 87 × 61 cm; “2 × 1,” 132 × 61 cm; and “3 × 1,” 178 × 61 cm) with customization options. All units are 66 cm high. Six-and eight-inch glove port holes accommodate standard clamping rings, or bellows-style gloves, which the company offers with other accessories.

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