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October 1, 2011

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Antimicrobial Incubator

Product: Multitron incubator shaker

Applications: Cell line screening and seed cultures for larger validated processes

Features: ATR has added an optional antimicrobial coating to the interior of its Multitron incubator shaker cabinet. This exclusively formulated coating inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungi over 100,000-fold. The coating is safe, effective, long-lasting, and approved for use in medical and food industries by independent certification. It is applied in production and can be ordered with any Multitron unit. All cabinets incorporate an independent control and power system, with redundant control of speed, temperature, lights, humidity, and CO2

Contact Appropriate Technical Resources www.atrbiotech.com

Disposable Flow Control


Product: Bioclamp, BioEnd Cap, and Biovalve components

Applications: Single-use systems

Features: Qosina offers a number of new bioprocessing components for disposable systems. Patented barbed flanges with preattached gaskets work with glass-reinforced Bioclamp clamps for easy assembly with a secure connection. Polypropylene BioEnd Cap plugs cover the openings. New USP Class VI glass-reinforced nylon Biovalve valves control fluid flow rate and can be added to preassembled systems without cutting tubing lines. The company offers a large inventory of connectors and clamps with more than 5,000 SKUs for custom design specifications.

Contact Qosina www.qosina.com

Sterile Filtration


Product: Sartopore 2 0.1µm XLM filter

Applications: Sterilizing-grade and mycoplasma-retentive filtration of serum-free, hydrolysate-supplemented, and chemically defined cell culture media in biomanufacturing

Features: The next-generation 0.1-µm Sartopore 2 XLM PES filter features an optimized, highly asymmetric, 0.2-µm nominal prefilter membrane with an increased surface area of 0.8 m2 per 10-in. cartridge. With the same membrane as is used in Sartopore 2 0.2/0.1-µm PES filters, this combination performs well with several different media (up to >150–200% throughput increase).

Contact Sartorius Stedim Biotech SA www.sartorius-stedim.com

Aggregation Modeling

Product: Discovery Studio

Applications: Protein research and product development

Features: Accelrys has added software for predicting protein–protein aggregation to its Discovery Studio modeling and simulation application. The new algorithm enables protein engineers to identify the size and location of regions on antibodies prone to aggregation and then predict mutations to improve formulation stability. This validated “spatial aggregation propensity” software provides significant savings in development of biological therapeutics by helping scientists rationalize aggregation effects and suggesting modifications.

Contact Accelrys, Inc. www.accelrys.com

Microbial Detection

Product: BD FACSMicroCount system

Applications: Quality control

Features: BD Biosciences and BD Diagnostics designed the FACSMicroCount flow cytometry system to help quality control laboratories rapidly screen raw materials and in-process and finished goods for microbial contamination. Previously known as the Micro PRO microbial detection system, this instrument screens for bacteria, yeast, mold, spirochetes, mycoplasma, and parasite cysts. It speeds and automates traditional methods, helping to shorten production cycles and save labor, inventory, and warehouse costs. Fluorescent dyes help detect, enumerate, and differentiate between live and dead organisms.

Contact BD Biosciences www.bdbiosciences.com/microcount

Colony Counting

Product: ProcScan accessory for the ProtoCOL 2 system

Applications: Product development (e.g., vaccine/antibiotic potency testing)

Features: Synbiosis designed the ProcScan full-color plate-scanning accessory to integrate with the company’s ProtoCOL 2 colony-counting system through a USB port. This high-resolution scanner automatically counts colonies or measures inhibition zones on large bioassay plates in seconds. It can accommodate round or square plates of ≤30×30 cm and also scan large grid arrays. A large number of vaccines and antimicrobial treatments can be processed at a time, increasing ProtoCOL 2 productivity. The accessory comes with IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation to facilitate installation and validation.

Contact Synbiosis www.synbiosis.com/procscan

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