Global Marketplace November 2010

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November 1, 2010

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Microbiological Testing


Product: GeneDisc specified microorganisms assay

Applications: Compendial testing

Features: Pall’s GeneDisc specified microorganisms assay is part of its GeneDisc rapid microbiology system based on real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology. Performed using a GeneDisc plate, this rapid assay detects six key indicator microorganisms used in several compendial tests. Users can simultaneously distinguish multiple organisms, obtaining results within two hours (rather than two days with traditional methods) after relevant sample preparation, depending on type of assay performed.

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www.pall.comFluid Control


Product: 2000 INOX valves

Applications: Stainless steel piping

Features: Pneumatically operated 2000 INOX angle seat valves from Bürkert have a pneumatic piston actuator and a two-way valve body. Both parts are manufactured from stainless steel 316L for use with media at temperatures of ≤180 °C. The material protects against corrosion for hygiene-intensive applications. The valves can be used to control water, alcohols, oils, steam, and air; and to isolate fuels, hydraulic fluids, saline or alkaline solutions, organic solvents, and neutral gases. The compact actuator can be normally open or closed in its resting position.

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www.burkert.comDisposable Bags


Product: Flexel 3D bioprocessing bag series

Applications: Manufacturing process development and mixing

Features: The scalable Flexel 3D single-use bioprocessing bag system uses the same S40 film, ports, and three-dimensional bag technology at all scales: 5 L to 3,000 L. With a volume range of 5 L, 10 L, 20 L, and 50 L, these bags are designed for pilot plant operations, process development, and small-volume biomanufacturing. They are ISO 11137 compliant and designed to fit standard tray and Palletank space-saving containment systems. An extensive range of accessories enables rapid deployment for liquid handling and storage.

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www.sartorius-stedim.comGas Monitoring

Product: BlueInOne Ferm gas sensor

Applications: Laboratory to industrial-scale fermentors and bioreactors

Features: The in situ sensor by German manufacturer BlueSens offers parallel online monitoring of O2 and CO2 for the analysis of bioprocesses. It also measures off-gas pressure and humidity. Users can measure process parameters directly in a process and in real time, which facilitates optimization and control. Because of its compact, stainless-steel housing (IP65), this sensor is easy to install and fits any hose, pipe, or tube. The analyzer’s status is displayed by two luminous pushbuttons.

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www.bluesens.comProduction Data

Product: BioCommand SFI Track and Trend software

Applications: Biological production monitoring and control

Features: New Brunswick Scientific’s PC-based software monitors and logs data for ≤32 shakers, CO2 incubators, freezers, and other OPC-compliant laboratory products. The BioCommand SFI Track and Trend program records temperature, shaking speed, gas concentrations, humidity, and alarms. Customizable trend screens and an alarm “notes” feature help users tailor information to their needs. This software is based on the company’s fermentor and bioreactor SCADA programs, which enable automated control and include security features and audit trails to meet 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

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Product: Prima PRO mass spectrometer

Applications: Production monitoring

Features: The Prima PRO system is designed to track process dynamics, provide comprehensive data for advanced control models, and maintain a 99.7% uptime. One analyzer monitors ≤60 fermentors and bioreactors. This stand-alone industrial processor provides high resolution for a number of biotechnology process variables for improved monitoring, enhanced control strategies, and ideal operating procedures. For user convenience, the company operates direct service centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and China.

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