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June 1, 2010

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Bioreactor Scale-Up


Product: Micro-24 MicroReactor system

Applications: Early stage microbial process development

Features: With Pall Corporation’s acquisition of California-based MicroReactor Technologies, Inc. in January 2010, Pall Life Sciences offers the Micro-24 system. It features a disposable 24-reactor cassette, each reactor with fully independent control of temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen. The miniature bioreactors enable rapid, high-throughput process development with accurately scalable results. The systems simulate the performance of stirred-tank bioreactors from bench (1–20 L) up to 200,000 L.

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Development Services


Service: Vetter Development Service

Features: At its new Chicago, IL, facility Vetter offers manufacturing services from preclinical development through phase 2, with scale-up and transfer to its commercial manufacturing facilities. Services include primary and secondary package development, process development, clinical manufacturing, pharmaceutical analysis and stability storage, regulatory affairs services, and solutions to speed time to market. The company provides expertise in lyophilization, prefilled injection systems, and other widely used drug-delivery systems including its patented Lyo-Ject and dual-chamber systems and V-LK cartridges.

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IEX Chromatography

Product: TSKgel SP-3PW resin

Applications: Peptide purification

Features: TSKgel resins are based on a highly cross-linked polymethacrylate particle showing higher pressure than Toyopearl bioprocess resins. The new SP-3PW (30) resin from Tosoh is designed as a polishing resin with improved binding capacities for peptides and small proteins. This cation-exchange resin has a smaller pore size than the corresponding TSKgel SP-5PW material and also offers different selectivity. Its average 30-µm diameter and narrow particle size distribution make it particularly suited when resolution is an issue. It was developed to provide high dynamic binding capacities, typically ~50 g/L for insulin.

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Fluid Control


Product: Element model 8026, 8036, and 8076 digital flow transmitters

Applications: Reusable fluid paths

Features: Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has enhanced the technical features and appearance of its digital flow transmitters. The redesigned stainless steel housings contain new processors, new software, and removable backlit displays. The same circuits are used for conductivity and pH/ORP measurement as those used in Element models 8222 and 8202. Durable and UL-approved, the transmitters are resistant to cleaning chemicals and include both transistor and analog outputs.

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Small-Volume Cell Culture


Product: Multitron Cell incubator shaker

Applications: Cell culture scale-up

Features: Using an incubator shaker for growing seed cultures provides faster doubling and early mixing adaptation. Infors HT added the capability for using 2- to 20-L disposable bags with its incubator for improved oxygen supply and increased culture volumes. Direct connection to a bioreactor makes the bag an inoculum vessel. A new sanitary humidification system instantly vaporizes distilled water at 130 °C to prevent growth of adventitious agents and provide clean steam to the chamber.

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European Expansion


Services: Technical support

Applications:: Downstream process management

Features: Sales and technical support of Scilog’s bioprocess management solutions for downstream processing have expanded to Europe. This company introduced the first precalibrated flow-through single-use sensors, the first automated single-use tangential-flow filtration systems, and the first DeltaV-enabled single-use TFF systems. Sensors cover the range of laboratory to pilot and production platforms. The service expansion includes new distributors and support centers in Europe.

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