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June 1, 2009

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Custom DNA


Product: McBox luc minicircle and plasmid DNA

Applications: Transfection optimization

Features: The McBox luc kit includes 100 µg each of certified minicircle and plasmid DNA, both including the firefly luciferase reporter gene. A vial with endotoxin-free water for injection ensures high quality after dilution. Scientists can now directly compare minicircle DNA with a corresponding “classical” plasmid in individual applications. Minicircle DNA contains almost exclusively the gene of interest and its regulating sequence motifs. This provides a safe and highly efficient vector system that will meet future regulatory requirements for gene therapy and vaccine products.

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Cell Culture Monitoring


Product: FOGALE i-Biomass probe

Applications: Biomass concentration monitoring in cell culture

Features: These capacitance probes have embedded memory for recording identification, serial numbers, calibration, sterilization counts, and remaining life time. A probe can be easily interfaced with standard autoclavable or SIP vessels as well as gamma-irradiated, sterilized, single-use bioreactors. The IP 65 transmitter controls up to four probes from a touch-screen interface. The wide graphical displays offers a clear view of multifrequency data, and the probes use standard communication protocols such as USB, serial bus, and Ethernet (OPC), as well as analog outputs.

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Single-Use Containment


Product: Allegro 3D biocontainers

Applications: Upstream and downstream bioprocessing

Features: Pall Allegro systems incorporating “three-dimensional” biocontainers have identical materials to the Allegro “two-dimensional” systems, providing fast and easy scale-up of single-use systems to process volumes of >100 L. Allegro 3D biocontainers are appropriate for cell culture media preparation and storage, buffer preparation and storage, chromatography fraction collection, intermediate product storage, bulk product storage before fill–finish, and other uses.

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Control Integration

Product: BioSCADA software

Applications: Bioprocess automation

Features: Bioengineering’s BioSCADA control software offers versatility and flexibly implements visualization, control, and automation of biotechnological processes. This is not a fixed software package, does not require a common PLC, and is designed specifically to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The system structure is both economically advantageous and enables integration of numerous interfaces for a variety of functionalities and progressive upgrading for additional process demands.

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Manufacturing Capacity

Service: Biologic drug manufacture

Features: Althea Technologies — a biotech and pharmaceutical contract manufacturer based in Sorrento Valley, CA — opened a 30,000-ft2 biologics manufacturing facility in April 2009. The structure was built to accommodate small to midsized drug makers with injectable products either on the market or nearing FDA approval. Biotech companies without the ability or capacity to manufacture their own drugs or biologics can partner with Althea to develop their products on a commercial scale. The new facility, designed with systems to ensure sterile manufacturing, complies with FDA rules for such laboratories in both the United States and Europe.

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Pilot-to-Production Fermentor

Product: BioFlo 510 fermentor,

Application: fermentation processes with PLC control

Features: New Brunswick’s BioFlo 510 fermentor is now available with an Allen Bradley control option for those who prefer the robustness of an industrial PLC control system. The open skid design of this sterilizable-in-place benchtop or mobile fermentor enables convenient operation and maintenance. Modular components facilitate adding field-installed upgrades as needed. Standard features include a 15′′ touchscreen interface, load cell for precisely measuring additions and harvesting; and 24 vessel penetrations for positioning sprayballs, sensors, and more.

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