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February 1, 2009

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Disposable Clamps


Product: 6″ and 8″ BioClamps

Applications: Biomanufacturing

Features: In addition to the 0.5″ to 4″ family range of disposable BioClamp products, BioPure Technology now offers 6″ and 8″ sizes. They meet the requirements of media transportation for light weight, strength, and easy manipulation. Two wing-nuts provide even compression across the entire circumference for a secure and safe seal, with the added benefit of perforation to facilitate tamper-proof ties. Underside-molded lot numbers ease traceability, and clamps can be γ-irradiated and autoclaved repeatedly. They provide more convenient, cost-effective, safe, and reliable performance than stainless steel.

Contact BioPure Technology Ltd. www.biopuretech.com

Power Connectors


Product: PowerMod HP series

Applications: Electrical connections

Features: The PowerModHP (high-power) series connector family features touch-safe female housings, cable strain relief, and integral positive latches as well as easy connector assembly. This RoHS Compliant series is rated ≤450 amps for applications at a 30 °C temperature rise. The connectors offer low electrical resistance, provide at least 500 mating cycles, and are rated for circuit interruption as well as touch safe for user safety. The integral coding key provides further protection by allowing users to configure unique matings of up to six individual connectors.

Contact Anderson Power Products www.andersonpower.com

Alternative Sanitization


Product: Liquozon Ultra system

Application: Water sanitization

Features: The Liquozon Ultra automated ozone injection system is a clean, safe, and efficient water sanitization alternative to chemical water treatment systems for DI water loops, storage tanks, and distribution lines. It generates ozone and dissolves it into water to deliver degassed, ozone-enriched water. This compact, skid-mounted system for ultra-and ultrahigh-purity water can handle flows ≤50 GPM with minimum pressure drop. It includes flow rate and ozone concentration controllers, ozone safety monitors, a recorder to monitor quality, and an optional total organic carbon meter.

Contact MKS Instruments, Inc. www.mksinst.com

Custom Product Case Study

Service: Custom product engineering

Application: Biopharmaceutical production

Features: An innovative Gore Lyoguard freeze-drying tray system was developed for exclusive, proprietary use by HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc., for a stable, contaminant-free delivery system for its new freeze-dried plasma product for the US Army. HemCon worked closely with the army to eliminate logistical barriers to using fresh-frozen plasma in the field. Filling, freeze-drying, and reconstitution of plasma remains in a “closed” system with these trays. Gore’s custom development provided the solution.

Contact W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. and GORE PharmBIO Products www.gore.com/pharmbio

Fluid Processing

Product: Microfluidizer fluid processors

Appications: High-shear processing

Features: A new line of Microfluidizer high-shear fluid processors is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This comprehensive line of 24 standard preengineered models helps companies meet specific processing requirements for their particular drug products. The processors come in aseptic, enhanced, and basic versions available in various pressure ranges with two different motor sizes: 25 hp and 50 hp. All are guaranteed to accurately scale up from laboratory and pilot-scale Microfluidizer processors, and they may be scaled up from other processors as well.

Contact: Microfluidics www.microfluidicscorp.com

Particle Counting

Literature: Detection of Protein Agglomerates in Parenteral Drug Formulations application note

Applications: Parenteral formulation

Features: Agglomeration of proteins in parenteral drugs must be closely monitored to meet FDA regulations. Of particular importance is consistent reporting of particles >10 µm found in drug formulations. Such particles can be either protein agglomerates or other particles, such as silicon oil droplets and air bubbles. The FlowCAM system is ideally suited to this application, according to a new application note, because it combines the capabilities of flow cytometry and microscopy.

Contact Fluid Imaging Technologies www.fluidimaging.com



Product: CellMaker Regular single-use bioreactor system

Application: High–cell-density bacterial and yeast fermentation

Features: Through a newly formed partnership with Sentinal Process Systems, Cellexus offers this line in 1–8-L and 10–50-L sizes. CellexusBag containers allow fast set-up, and a controller manages temperatures from 15 to 45 °C along with 95% pure O2 capability.

Contact Cellexus Inc. www.cellexusinc.com



Product: Allegro 2D single-use systems

Application: Cell culture media preparation and storage; buffer preparation and storage; chromatography fraction collection; intermediate product storage; bulk product storage prior to filling; and sampling

Features: Pall Allegro 2D single-use systems provide a high degree of flexibility for different process designs. With volumes from 50 mL to 50 L, Allegro 2D systems are suited for a wide range of applications from upstream to formulation and filling.

Contact Pall Life Sciences www.pall.com/allegro

Thermal Control


Product: Unistat Huber thermoregulators

Applications: Biotech manufacturing

Features: Unistat Huber thermoregulators ensure that critical process temperatures in a laboratory or production facility run exactly as required every time. These combine the efficiencies of effective thermodynamics and modern microelectronics, providing an efficient alternative to open-bath temperature-control technology. Each model offers state-of-the-art thermal control that helps users increase process yields, achieve greater final product purities, and gain reliable and repeatable results with low running costs.

Contact Radleys www.radleys.com


Service: Logistics, shipping

Applications: Transportation of biomaterials

Features: DHL Global Forwarding has announced the opening of a new dedicated Life Science Competency Center in Carolina on the island of Puerto Rico. This is part of an initiative to provide a global logistics network of dedicated people, customized processes, and quality-controlled environments for the life-sciences industry. The new center enhances existing service offerings and is designed specifically around the shipping requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturers doing business in Puerto Rico.

Contact DSL www.dhl.com

Server Versatility

Product: Sapphire LIMS

Application: Laboratory information management

Features: The new Sapphire laboratory information management suite (LIMS) operates on the JBoss, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere application servers in addition to the originally supported Sybase EA Server. Founded on a thinclient, zero-footprint architecture, this program has been developed longer than any other thin-client LIMS on the market today. That architecture provides interface between a server and end-user clients through HTML and JavaScript. It also supports server clustering for added scalability, enhancing reliability with load balancing and failure-over.

Contact Labvantage www.labvantage.com/solutions/suite/platform.html.

Ultraclean Microplates

Product: BactiGrowth microplates

Applications: High-throughput cell growth at small scales

Features: Produced under class 10,000 cleanroom conditions from ultrapure grade polypropylene, BactiGrowth plates contain no contaminants that would leach out and affect high-yield growth of bacteria, yeast, mammalian, or insect cell lines. These plates come in three well formats (with 24, 96, and 384 wells) and offer 300-µL to 10-mL well volumes to suit most applications. The plates are supplied in packs of five plates with tight fitting lids sealed in a virgin polymer bag, which is passed through an irradiation procedure to ensure sterility.

Contact Porvair Sciences Ltd. www.porvair-sciences.com

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