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April 1, 2012

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Live Cell Imaging


Product: DeltaVision OMX Blaze system

Applications: Cell and protein research

Features: Applied Precision, a GE Healthcare company, offers the world’s first microscopy system for capturing high-resolution video of live cells in three dimensions. The DeltaVision OMX Blaze system’s speed of image acquisitions enables researchers to follow tagged proteins within the same living cell over time in 3D space at near-molecular resolution. The 3D structured illumination microscopy technology roughly doubles the resolution of fluorescent microscopy methods — for an 8× improvement in volume resolution over conventional microscopy. The UC Davis–based Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology (CBST) collaborated early in beta testing, and the system is installed at other early adopter sites around the world.

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Automated Quality Control


Product: QC Kit

Applications: Performance verification of liquid-handling workstations

Features: Tecan integrates Artel’s proprietary ratiometric photometry technology with the Freedom EVO workstation to collect precision and accuracy data about volumes delivered by every channel of a liquid-handling arm. Results are fully traceable to international standards. The QC Kit system comprises an Infinite 50 or 200 PRO microplate reader, calibrator plate, shaker, barcode scanner, and EVOware add-on with a number of characterized consumables.

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Formulation Analysis


Service: Predictive Formulation Analytics

Applications: Lyophilized formulations

Features: ProJect Pharmaceutics offers an approach to rational design of optimized biopharmaceutical formulations. The Predictive Formulation Analytics service is an alternative to the trial-and-error process of formulation development. Reducing the need for extensive stability testing, the approach uses state-of-the-art analytical methods to characterize the physicochemical state of proteins and analyze their responses to different excipients. Systematic design of experiments (DoE) identifies promising formulation candidates. The company uses the resulting data in designing the product, packaging, and application, then performs a stability test program.

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Trademark Intelligence

Service: Global Pharmaceutical Search

Applications: Drug marketing

Features: Thomson CompuMark’s Global Pharmaceutical Search service provides pharmaceutical sponsor companies with international trademark intelligence in a single online report. Confusion among drug brands can lead to prescription errors, so regulatory bodies have rigorous processes for evaluating and approving brand names. This search service covers Thomson CompuMark’s proprietary trademark office records, Internet and domain names, and US and European regulatory and industry-specific sources. Sponsors can select the registers that match their product strategy among several companies.

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Analyzing PEGylation

Prodcut: PEGylated protein ELISA kit

Applications: Drug formulations, pharmacokinetics analysis, drug comparison, lead-candidate identification, lot release, and in-process quality control (QC) studies

Features: The PEGylated protein ELISA kit from Enzo Life Sciences enables quantitative measurement of a broad range of branched and linear forms of polyethylene glycol (PEG) in bioprocessing applications. It works with plasma, tissue, and other biological samples. The kit is validated for quantification of PEGylated molecules in complex biological matrices. It measures <1 ng/mL of PEG in free form and conjugated with proteins. Users can rapidly analyze ≤35 duplicate samples in two hours.

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Automation Control

Product: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5570 series programmable automation controllers

Applications: Bioprocess automation

Features: New ControlLogix controllers feature enhanced process, motion, safety, and information capabilities, leveraging the common design environment and networking of Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture system. Improved memory, speed, and processing capabilities boost system performance while enhancing access to real-time information in process applications. On-board displays enhance diagnostics and run-time information to ease trouble-shooting and increase up-time. Security features include improved data integrity and faster data transference with a one-GB secure digital card.

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Culture Monitoring


Product: Sensolux system

Applications: Upstream process development

Features: The Sensolux incubation shaker platform is equipped with an optical sensor system for monitoring pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation during animal cell culture. With single-use Erlenmeyer flasks, this unit allows for noninvasive, reliable, online measurement of those parameters during early process development. Presterilized Sensolux EF flasks (125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1,000 mL) come with precalibrated sensor patches. The shaker tray i
ncorporates nine measurement points for pH and DO within a 420-mm2 footprint.

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Sample Preservation


Product: Revco UxF freezers

Applications: Cell banking and cell/tissue sample storage

Features: Revco UxF ultralow-temperature freezers have an on-board computer with touch-screen control and at-a-glance status display with controlled access. An event log automatically alerts users to parameter changes as they occur. The freezers constantly update the integrity and health of stored samples.

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Culture Media Optimization


Product: ambr microbioreactor

Applications: Upstream process development and optimization

Features: TAP Biosystems has developed a sterile and disposable microbioreactor without a sparge tube for the ambr automated culture system. This allows for culturing cells without antifoams, which facilitates media optimization by helping bioprocess scientists determine how specific components influence growth and productivity. The 10- to 15-mL working volume can mimic the behavior of a large-scale bioreactor with an integral impeller for mixing, integrated sensors, and an access port for sampling and adding reagents during cultures.

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3D Transfection

Product: alvatex 3D culture plates and TransIT-3D transfection reagent

Applications: Three-dimensional cell culture and bioassays

Features: Reinnervate and Mirus Bio are collaborating on kits that combine their three-dimensional culture products. The alvatex polystyrene material provides a robust and innert scaffold for growing complex 3D structures that mimic body tissues. Named by The Scientist as one of 2010’s top 10 life-science innovations, it comes in culture plates, plate inserts, and petri dishes. The material is used with many cell types, including liver, skin, cancer, and stem cells. TransIT-3D brand is one of several nonviral gene delivery systems from Mirus Bio.

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Transient Transfection

Product: MaxCyte systems

Applications: Rapid protein production

Features: MaxCyte specializes in cell modification to enable discovery, development, manufacturing, and delivery of innovative therapeutics. The company’s portfolio includes the MaxCyte STX scalable transfection system and MaxCyte VLX large-scale transfection system for drug discovery research and screening as well as protein production. These technologies provide for rapid development and consistent production of billions of (co-)transfected primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines for expressing antibodies and other proteins and for cell-based assays with comparable results and scalability from bench scale and high-throughput screening to pilot scale.

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Large-Scale 2D Culture

Product: Integrity Xpansion systems

Applications: Stem cell culture, adherent-cell–based production

Features: ATMI’s Integrity Xpansion bioreactors are designed for culturing fragile, adherent cells (e.g., stem cells) at large scale. Up to 180 polystyrene plates are stacked 1.6 mm apart in a closed system for ≤11m2 culture surface area within a 60 × 35 cm bioreactor. Temperature, pH, DO, and media flow rates are monitored and controlled in real time. Cell morphology and density can be monitored with digital holography. These bioreactors integrate with other ATMI Integrity products, including mixers, bags, and vessels for customized complex culture systems.

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