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Brian Caine

May 12, 2015

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Brian-201x300.jpgToday’s competitive financial and market conditions demand that biopharmaceutical companies constantly innovate and create to deliver on promised milestones. In addition to strengthening and improving robust monoclonal antibody (MAb) and other protein pipelines, a number of biopharmaceutical companies are significantly investing, developing, and broadening their research and development efforts and product pipelines with what many are calling the “next generation” of biopharmaceuticals. Those include antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs); biosimilars and biobetters; cell, gene, and tissue therapies; and vaccines and immunotherapies.

In efforts to fulfill both the medical promise of biotherapeutics and the business expectations of investors, as well as the safety and quality requirements of regulators, biopharmaceutical companies must continually find new solutions. These include both novel technological advances and improvements to existing expression systems, delivery platforms, and development and manufacturing processes. Companies need to implement new operational efficiencies and increase product yields while reducing overall treatment costs to ensure patient availability and payer reimbursement.

Since 2003, BioProcess International’s mission and responsibility have been to ensure that every publication and multimedia product with the BPI name on it delivers only the most pertinent information you need to tackle today’s process challenges. We want to give you a clear(er) vision of the trends and technologies that will influence biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing in the future.

To improve both our delivery and usefulness, BioProcess International has made some subtle but important changes:

  • We have increased the breadth and frequency of our digest-sized special-report series (both the CMC Strategy Forum retrospective and the ongoing technology reports).

  • We have expanded our supplement series to investigate, report on, and explore technologies that are challenging the status quo.

  • We have redesigned our website and newsletter program to ensure that you receive and can find everything you need related to any topic — upstream or downstream, drug substance or drug product, business and regulatory compliance.

There is a reason why >75% of our 30,000 readers have been receiving BPI for over three years. We want to keep it that way, so we hope these changes have improved your BPI experience. If you have any suggestions on how we can continue to improve, please email me directly with your thoughts and feedback. And thank you for your continued loyalty to BioProcess International.

Caine-Signature-300x73.jpgBrian Caine
Cofounder and Publisher
[email protected]

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