From the Editor: BioProcess International Theater

S. Anne Montgomery

August 8, 2017

2 Min Read

SAM-thoughtful-240x300.gifThis special insert summarizes our well-attended BioProcess Theater at the BIO International Convention in San Diego this past June. Focusing on emerging therapies and technologies enabled us to touch upon interconnected topics of interest to both BPI readers and the BIO exhibit-hall attendees. Speakers highlighted approaches ranging from analytical development to evolving business and commercial models. On behalf of our publisher, Brian Caine (who creates these programs every year) and our marketing and editorial teams, I thank the speakers and moderators who helped us create another successful program. They are passionate about supporting innovation in the industry and volunteer their time for us during an already full week of meetings and networking.

These are editorial summaries of the presentations. Choosing what to highlight in the allocated space is not easy! So I am very happy that the full presentations — videos so you can follow along with the slides — are online at We always want to promote dialogue and help connect readers with sources of needed expertise. Many of this year’s speakers are BPI authors who help us stay abreast of industry developments, so I am delighted to provide this content from people whose interpretations we have grown to both appreciate and trust.

Tuesday’s “Emerging Therapies” theme touched on cell therapies, bispecifics, RNAi products, Fc-fusion proteins, and biosimilars. Speakers explored new routes to commercialization, evolving (adapting) business models, and aspects of improving cell productivity and scale-up strategies. A regenerative medicine panel concluded the day with key lessons from the evolution and commercialization of proteinbased therapies.

Wednesday’s focus on technologies explored the business rationale(s) for adopting new methods and thereby furthering innovation; revisited decisions regarding single-use implementation; and gave examples of how new technologies and modalities are influencing facility design, outsourcing, and platform development.

Within very few months we will start developing themes for our BioProcess Theater in 2018. Would you like to see these themes repeated — or would you like to suggest other topics? As always, we are guided by your needs and interests, so we look forward to hearing what you think!SAMfix-sig-300x73.gif

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