eBook: Joining Forces — Industry Collaborations Toward BioProcess Success

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18-1-eBook-Collaborations-Cover-233x300.jpgCompanies in the biopharmaceutical industry increasingly are working together to solve the many challenges of product/process development and biomanufacturing. Suppliers seek end-user help in refining technologies; academics and small innovators attract the financing and business acumen of large companies; equal partners share in technological problem-solving; and sponsors engage the development expertise of contract research and manufacturing organizations. Other examples of biopharma industry collaborations abound, too. Citing critical examples from the September 2019 BioProcess International East Conference in Boston, MA, this eBook explores factors behind the upsurge in — and companies’ increased openness to — collaborations. Read on to explore representative examples of biopharma industry collaborations. You also will learn about the sense of “technological democracy” that is permeating the industry as well as emerging business models that seek to mitigate the risks of research and development (R&D) activities for end users and suppliers alike.

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