BD Select™ CD1000

Stacy Holdread

July 1, 2009

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Every cell line has unique nutritional requirements that must be properly balanced to achieve peak performance. However, production demands and tight timelines can make it challenging to conduct a base medium optimization for each individual cell line. To address this issue, BD has developed Select CD1000, a new, chemically defined platform medium using the proven methods of the BD AutoNutrient™ Media Design Service (AMDS) including design of experiments (DOEs) developed specifically for biopharmaceutical cell lines.

BD Select CD1000 is a high-performance base medium that has also been optimized for further supplementation to enable increased process yield during scale-up and production. In Figure 1, protein production increased when a hydrolysate was added to Select CD1000. This increase was further enhanced with the addition of a hydrolyate feed at both the shaker flask and bioreactor scale. In under three months, protein production was increased nearly 250% over the original, nonoptimized formulation.


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BD Select CD1000 is a versatile platform medium that can be used across multiple cell types, including CHO, NS0, and hybridoma cells. Such versatility results in reduced media optimization time, resources, and costs because only one formulation is needed to support all potential applications. Figure 2 demonstrates significant production increases with CHO, NS0, and hybridoma cell lines after only one round of hydrolysate optimization.


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Further process optimization (including feed supplement identification) is critical to achieving peak performance. Even higher yields can be achieved with feed supplements and strategies. In Figure 3, a GS-CHO line was evaluated with various individual and blended feed supplements. All flasks that received a hydrolysate feed showed a significant increase in protein production, with the 17-g/L TC Yeastolate UF feed producing >200% increase.


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Chemically defined feeds are also effective for achieving rapid protein production increases. Three different CD feeds were evaluated in Figure 4, and each resulted in significantly increased protein yields, with GS-CHO Line #2 achieving >300% yield increase through daily feeding with CD Supplement #1. The versatility of BD Select CD1000 to support multiple cell types and supplementation strategies makes it an ideal platform medium for rapid, cost-effective process optimization.

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