ALLpaQ®: A Pragmatic Approach to a Sustainable Future

Phill Allen

August 1, 2011

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Following a strong showing at this springs interphex in New York there is little wonder why ALLpaQ® has become established as an industry leader when it comes to the containment and handling of Biopharmaceutical fluids. The ALLpaQ® Cleanroom range of biotech containers was launched at interphex New York 2011. As predicted, it has since created a strong demand in Europe and is now available in the United States.



Realizing that a significant proportion of the landed cost of products is in packaging and logistics, the industry continues to strive to keep costs under control. Furthermore, issues concerning maintenance, hygiene, and storage, as well as health and safety of its workforce have an impact on operational efficiencies. For these reasons, ALLpaQ® has developed its biotech range of containers to alleviate stress in the supply chain and procurement management while maintaining integrity of the technical solutions.



The ALLpaQ® Cleanroom range is a competitively priced basic solution for specific use within a cleanroom environment. The design ensures that this range demonstrates the most efficient hygiene features, building on inherently beneficial hygiene properties afforded by plastic over traditional stainless steel. The overall economic savings through efficiencies become obvious and immediate.



The ALLpaQ® Cleanroom range is currently available in 250-L, 500-L, and 1,000-L units. As with the Genesis, Custom, and Topdrain range, they offer customers a degree of flexibility to ensure that units can be optimized for the bag of choice and therefore eliminate the need for time-consuming bag revalidations and minimizing disruption to operations.


The ALLpaQ® Range

The ALLpaQ® solution is ideally suited for fluid handling. The range of plastic materials used ensures the highest standards of hygiene. Rounded corners reduce the potential for the accumulation of dirt and prevent any product residue from becoming trapped.

The ALLpaQ® range is used with a validated disposable sterile liner bag available from most of the popular manufacturers in the biopharmaceutical industry. This packaging system has proven extremely economic when compared with traditional storage box alternatives such as those made from stainless steel. It also simplifies handling throughout the logistics process, provides safe and hygienic storage and transportation of liquids.


With capacities of up to 1000 L, the ALLpaQ® range is made from 100% plastic and can be used for powder and granules, making it extremely versatile. Totally recyclable, it is smooth for ease of cleaning, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Genesis is the original all-plastic biotech container, a robust and pragmatic bottom-drain solution for storage and transportation. Available in 50- to 1,000-L sizes, this is the longest established range of plastic containers and has proven itself as a market leader.

Custom: available up to 250-L, this represents a significant design change incorporating many features of our larger solutions, including a tamper-evident door.

Topdrain: Units mimic the bottom-drain Genesis footprint as a standard IBC. This range is fully integrated for storage and transportation.

Environmental Impact

ALLpaQ® is committed to conducting its business responsibly. All products are manufactured in virgin plastic materials that can be recycled to produce up to four generations of products.

ALLpaQ® accepts bioprocess containers from its customers to be recycled.

Please visit for up-to-date information regarding the range of products and services, technical data and brochure download.

In Short

Customers choose ALLpaQ® because they enjoy consistently high levels of client handling, speed of response, and reliability. The ALLpaQ® flagship range of bioprocess containers achieves all the key customer objectives:

  • high value and cost benefit

  • increased hygiene

  • easy maintenance

  • customized solution

  • flexibility in supply

  • safe handling and transportation.


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