Phill Allen

August 1, 2012

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At ALLpaQ, we’ve enjoyed 12 busy months designing and supplying folding plastic bioprocess containers to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Thinking outside the proverbial bioprocess box, we’ve also responded to customer demand by growing our consultancy arm. This means we can design your organization’s whole containment needs from start to finish, saving you time and money along the way.

Our Knowledge Is Your Power

With 10 years’ experience developing the preeminent range of plastic large-volume fluid handling containers for the shipping and storage of media and buffer solutions, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about your industry and needs. So wherever you are on your journey, we can step in and help. A typical start-to-finish process might follow this pathway:

01 Analysis and Design: strategically planning all dimensions of your containment needs
02 Development: implementing the strategy
03 Maintenance: ongoing support.

Building Boxes, Building Businesses

ALLpaQ plastic foldable containers are designed to save space, and the inherent properties of plastic facilitate the cleaning process to ensure the highest levels of hygiene. When in use, the units can be stacked, stored, and filled with product in volumes up to 1,000 L.

Flip that coin, and when shipped products dock at their destination, the containers can be folded and returned in quantities at a fraction of the cost of repurchase and reuse. Typically, ALLpaQ containers are still in use after 10 years of service, and a planned maintenance program could extend the service life even further.

Customizing Your Product

We know you have unique needs and, in many cases, will require modifications to drive operational efficiency, process capabilities, space utilization, or container fleet management position, for instance. As part of our consultancy, we’ll define whether your bioprocess containers require customization.

Customization includes nonstandard or bespoke volumes, special functionality, branding, and potentially hazardous modifications. ALLpaQ’s response is quick and decisive, with prototyped modifications available for testing purposes shortly after agreeing on a brief.


The Choice of the Scientific Generation

In our drive to minimize overheads and maximize bottom lines, we’ve fast become the first choice of many project managers, materials specialists, and packaging technologists. The ALLpaQ range of bioprocess containers and services are aimed at supporting your operational needs. We have all the tools in our bioprocess box to ensure that you have the right information to make informed business decisions. Let’s talk today.

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Phill Allen is director of ALLpaQ Group Headquarters, Office Suite G27, Europarc Innovation Centre, Innovation Way, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK, DN37 9TT. For more information see or 44-1472-800373.

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