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July 1, 2010

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At a time when most companies endure the effects of a global economic melt-down, ALLpaQ™ seizes the opportunity for growth on the international stage. ALLpaQ™ Packaging Ltd. develops, manufactures, and supplies standard and custom bioprocess containers for the storage, transportation, and handling of biopharmaceutical fluids on both three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) design platforms.

During the past twelve months, ALLpaQ™ has emerged as a strong contender on the world stage in providing packaging solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry. With over seven years of experience in bioprocess containers, the company is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and development, which provides its stability and platform for growth.


ALLpaQ™ is built upon the foundation of professional relationship. The culture of the company is founded upon sustainability, responsibility, and value added.

Our customers assume on-time performance and delivery; therefore, speed and reliability are viewed as critical to our ongoing success and the performance of our clients. our belief is that an integrated approach promotes trust and confidence throughout the supply chain, resulting not only in an effective communication process but releasing our clients to focus on operational matters.


ALLpaQ 200: The original 200-L solution with no external door moldings ()

Quality Assured

ALLpaQ™ possesses a long heritage in innovation through research and development. This has often been driven by customer demand and through our pragmatic approach. Modifications have proved extremely successful.

Our clients demand the highest quality throughout the ALLpaQ™ range, and therefore you can be confident that the ALLpaQ™ solution eliminates any necessity for time-consuming bag validation or costly new bag design. Shipping validation is carried out at independent test facilities, ensuring total transparency free from compromise and providing reassurance that your product will have maximum protection through the supply chain.

Value Added

In today’s supply chain world, companies are continuously seeking to optimise distribution of product from the vendor to the customer. With this in mind, ALLpaQ™ continually strives to identify efficiencies throughout its operations processes and materials for the mutual benefit of the organization and commercial partners. As an example, the ALLpaQ™ range of PP, HDPE, and ABS plastic packaging solutions benefits from a greater ratio of product to container weight ratio in favor of the product, resulting in actual cost benefit in transportation.

Health and Safety

Naturally, hygiene is a major consideration in the biopharmaceutical industry, and the leading ALLpaQ™ range of PP, HDPE, and ABS plastic bioprocess containers displays significant improvements when compared with the steel counterpart. The materials enable the design with smoother surfaces inhibiting build up of bacteria and maximizing the effect of the cleaning process. Furthermore, a major reduction in material weight minimises risk in the handling and distribution of product.

In Short

Customers choose ALLpaQ™ because they enjoy consistently high levels of client handling, speed of response, and reliability. The ALLpaQ™ flagship range of bioprocess containers achieves all the key customer objectives:

  • High value and cost benefit

  • Increased hygiene

  • Easy maintenance

  • Customized solution

  • Flexibility in supply

  • Safe handling and transportation.


ALLpaQ 1000: Two access doors for ease of bag fitting. ()


ALLpaQ 500: Accepts range of validated bags in use today ()

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