10th Anniversary BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition

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June 1, 2013

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Join us in Boston this September to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of IBC’s “BioProcess International™ Conference and Exhibition,” a milestone event providing the tools and knowledge you need to meet the demands of increasingly diverse product portfolios in an evolving biomanufacturing landscape.



The inaugural BPI Conference in 2004 gave the industry’s an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge to optimize manufacturing processes and accelerate programs. Fast-forward 10 years, and this has become the industry meetingplace for product and process development and biomanufacturing scientists and executives to share technical, scientific, and strategic solutions across all phases of bioprocess development.

IBC Life Sciences and its colleagues at BioProcess International magazine are proud to announce this year’s program. This September will be your opportunity to join more than 1,400 colleagues in Boston to find superior tools and practical knowledge to help you accelerate your bioprocess development efforts. This page offers a sample of what you will learn by attending.

Preconference Symposia

Gain practical tools from five in-depth preconference symposia:

  • Antibody–Drug Conjugates — Current Best Practice and Considerations for Processes and Facilities

  • Knowledge and Data Management for Process Development and Manufacturing

  • Biological Assay Development

  • Achieving Supply Chain Transparency for Raw Materials

  • Product- and Process-Related Variants and Impurities

Conference Tracks

Hear exclusive case studies and unpublished data in five conference tracks:

  • Upstream strategies for flocculation and perfusion processes, maximizing throughput, and production of new modalities

  • Downstream techniques for fully disposable clarification, nonaffinity-based purification, mixed-mode chromatography, and continuous processing

  • Strategies for achieving and delivering stable and high-concentration protein formulations

  • Analytical methods for determining comparability/similarity and quality approaches for improved product and process control

  • Manufacturing strategies to improve efficiency and capacity use and lessons learned from flexible facility designs and single-use implementation.


  • “Producing High-Quality, Low-Cost Biotherapeutics in the Century of Biology,” by James Thomas (Amgen, Inc.)

  • “Transforming the Development of Biotechnology Drugs for the 21st Century: A CEO’s Perspective from a Small Biotech Company,” by Abbie Celniker (Eleven Biotherapeutics)

  • “Biologics Manufacturing in a Rapidly Changing Environment,” by Peter Moesta (Bristol-Myers Squibb)

  • “Eliminating Interfaces: Process Development Lessons from Aggressive Platform Development,” by Lars Pampel (Novartis)

  • “A Systems Approach to Managing Biomanufacturing Complexity: Genzyme’s Allston Plant Case Study,” by Sandra Poole (Genzyme)

Interactive Discussions

Participate in provocative discussions designed for audience interaction:

  • Maximizing Limited Bandwidth for Beta Testing of New Technologies

  • Product Attribute Control — A Future Vision for Protein Process Development

  • Harmonization of Single-Use Systems: Extractables and Leachables

  • What Does Robust Supply Chain Transparency Look Like?

  • Capture Options in Antibody Purification — Current Limitations, Emerging Options, and Obstacles to Change

Best Poster Award

All poster abstracts received by 19 August 2013 and presented at the 2013 “BioProcess International™ Conference and Exhibition” are automatically eligible for the Poster Award competition. Posters will be reviewed and judged by BioProcess International’s editor in chief and selected advisors.

Two winning posters (one from academia/industry and one from a supplier) will be announced at the conference. They will be featured in and linked from BPI’s October 2013 Poster Hall eNewsletter, published in BPI’s November 2013 Interactive Poster Hall Supplement, and posted on a dedicated landing page with prerecorded podcast presentations online (www.bioprocessintl.com/posters) for a year.

To submit your poster and for additional details on deadlines and the poster size and regulations, please visit: www.IBCLifeSciences.com/BPI/poster.xml. Deadline for inclusion in the BPI Conference preview supplement is 31 July 2013. Deadline for inclusion in the on-site agenda and conference documentation is 19 August 2013.

BPI Subscribers Save

When registering, please mention priority code BPIMFE13 and save 20% off the standard rates. This offer is for new registrations only and cannot be combined with other offers. You can find complete pricing and registration information online, or call 1-800-309-4078. We look forward to your attendance and enthusiastic participation at BPI 2013.

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