Voices of Biotech: Lets talk women's well-being

Anna Brown

August 21, 2023

The co-CEO’s of the FemTech Association Asia discuss democratizing women’s health and the investment opportunities in Asia.   

The latest episode of Voices of Biotech, produced by the Bioprocess Insider Expression Platform, brings you a conversation between the two co-CEO’s of the FemTech Association of Asia.

This initiative was founded by Lindsay Davis, co-CEO, in 2021 and is Asia’s first and largest network for organizations and investors in FemTech. The association has over 135 members and 60 start-ups, across nine countries in Asia.



Davis said their goal is to, “provide a voice for [Asia] and help amplify the industry […]  Femtech is known for being delivered for a premium audience and we want to take this wider and make sure we have solutions that are available, accessible, and affordable for all women.”

In addition to increasing accessibility to healthcare for all women, the association is encouraging investment opportunities in FemTech. 14% of FemTech businesses are located in Asia, making this an attractive area for the industry and for women’s health. By promoting this industry in this location, the association is helping Asia position itself as a leader in FemTech.

The latest episode can be found below or through the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform at, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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