Voices of Biotech: CGT Circle talks female networking

Millie Nelson, Editor

July 17, 2023

The three founders of the CGT Circle discuss the importance of decentralized networking for women and why the network was created.

In the latest episode of Voices of Biotech, brought to you by the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform, editor of BioProcess Insider Mille Nelson sits down with the three founding members of the CGT Circle.

They discuss the demand for local community led networking, leading them to launch their platform which aims to create “decentralized networking” for women in the Life Sciences industry.



“Our aim is to facilitate networking and take the fear factor out of it,” says Kate Fynes, one of the CGT Circle founding members and CMC translation consultant at eXmoor Pharma Concepts Ltd.

This allows women at different stages of their careers to share experiences and support each other professionally and personally.

Running for only 5 months, the CGT Circle has gained over 700 members and events have taken place across America, London, and Paris, with the next event occurring in Nottingham, UK 27th July. If you wish to sign up or learn more about the CGT Circle visit here: The CGT Circle: Overview | LinkedIn.

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