Successful Sterilization Using Chlorine Dioxide Gas December 2013

BPI Contributor

December 1, 2013

In an audiocast with managing editor Maribel Rios, an author looks back on his report of a unique cleaning method from BPI’s first year over a decade ago. Amnon Eylath (senior director of quality assurance at Genzyme, formerly of Amgen) discusses the two-part 2003 article, “Successful Sterilization Using Chlorine Dioxide Gas.” (Read Part 1 or Part 2 ) That article described Amgen’s development of a process for disinfecting the surfaces of an isolator and process vessels using chlorine dioxide (CD) gas generated at the point of use. In the audiocast, Eylath talks about how the use of CD has expanded in biomanufacturing and other industries. For example, the gas has been used in decontaminating entire facility areas after environmental failure. He also overviews some of the most recent improvements in sterilization methodology and detection, including rapid testing methods.

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