Podcast: From platform to patient, CGTs must be more accessible

Millie Nelson, Editor

January 5, 2023

We sit down with Ori Biotech’s CEO Jason Foster to discuss the company’s paperless platform journey to commercialization and to delve deep into the challenges associated with accessing advanced therapies.

This episode of the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform (BIEP) podcast brings you an in-depth conversation with Jason Foster, CEO of Ori Biotech. The company experienced a year of transition in 2022 with the closing of its $100 million Series B funding round and the expansion of its paperless cell and gene therapy (CGT) platform.

Foster speaks about the current process of taking the platform from clinical to commercial through feedback derived from its LightSpeed Early Access Program (LEAP) partners. He also discusses the issues surrounding accessibility, pricing, and supply chain fragility in the advanced therapies space.

The conversation moves on to talk about advanced therapies as both first and second-line treatments, in which Foster speaks about the hurdles created by the EU and US healthcare systems. Sit back and get ready for our first podcast of 2023.

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