Mentorship key to embedding DE&I into company culture, CGT expert

Anna Brown

June 14, 2023

“We want to see women ascending leadership positions and that will be our metric of success,” says Lara Silverman, principal consultant at LIS BioConsulting on the latest Voices of Biotech podcast.

In the latest Voices of Biotech podcast, brought to you by the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform, Lara Silverman sheds some light on career paths, mentorship, and taking ownership of your own development.


Silverman discusses DE&I in the cell and gene therapy space, emphasising the goal is to get to a place where diversity is naturally embedded into company culture without the need for continuous conversation. Biases are workplace distractions that takeaway from being able to do your job, says Silverman.

She shares her experience and advice on mentoring, highlighting the benefits to be gained from both sides of the relationship, “mentorship is our key to digging ourselves out of this hole of not having women in leadership,” she says. When selecting a mentor, Silverman emphasises it is important to find someone outside of your organisation for an unbiased perspective and with a shared experience or history to you; “the challenges you are facing have been faced before.”

Silverman runs a live monthly webinar series, I Wish I Had Known, creating a safe space and environment for women in the cell and gene therapy space to discuss the challenges of the industry.

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