BPI Contributor

June 29, 2023

1 Min Read
Xeno-free T cell Expansions in PBS Mini Vertical-Wheel® Bioreactor Using CellGenix® reagents

Cell and gene therapies continue to be the fastest growing area of therapeutics, with several new therapies available to patients and hundreds more in development. Sustaining such innovation requires biopharma companies to solve many operational challenges, particularly in manufacturing and scaling up therapies. Cell and gene therapies typically require a substantial amount of cells per dose, which means that bioreactor-based expansion of therapeutically active cells is key.

This is the first study that demonstrates the cultivation of T cells in the PBS Mini bioreactor using CellGenix® GMP TCM supplemented with CellGenix® GMP IL-7 and IL-15. Low rotation speeds together with no need for an extra debeading step at the end of cultivation lead to high amounts of viable T cells with a favorable phenotype.

The results highlight that CellGenix® GMP products are suitable for any cultivation conditions, static and rotatory, and ensure a high yield of fully viable and functional T cells.

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