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An Introduction to the FUTURA pico for Mini-bioreactors

John Carvell, Aditya Bhat

November 20, 2017

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An Introduction to the FUTURA pico for Mini-bioreactors

Small bioreactors are gaining share in process development laboratories. It is vital that these bioreactors are realistic scale down models of larger systems and it is equally important that online sensors for measuring live biomass can also be used in these vessels.

ABER, known and trusted for its sensors that measure live cell concentrations using capacitance technology and adopted in the world’s leading bio pharmaceutical companies from R&D through to cGMP processes brings you the new FUTURA PICO. Our Conventional sensors have typically been placed in vessels 5 litres and over in R&D to large stainless steel vessels in manufacturing.

The Aber biomass system is now a vital part of many advanced bioreactor system and the probes are commonly used for controlling critical feed rates or for maintaining constant cell concentrations in perfused systems. With the technology based on capacitance also being available in a single use format, the Aber probe is a critical component in many new cell processes that are scaled up into cGMP production. And now with the introduction of the Futura PICO, users will be able to use the robust and trusted capacitance measurements
at a much smaller scale, as well as allowing users to introduce PAT to evaluate critical parameters in to their process far earlier than ever possible before, supporting the acquisition of key data to ultimately expedite time to market and return on investment for leading Biopharmas.