SoloHill® Star-Plus Microcarriers for Cell Culture

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November 24, 2015

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SoloHill® Star-Plus Microcarriers for Cell Culture

Pall Life Sciences announces the release of a new SoloHill® Animal Protein-Free microcarrier, Star-Plus.  Star-Plus microcarriers feature a proprietary surface chemistry with net positive charge which promotes rapid cell attachment and excellent growth of multiple cell types under a variety of environmental conditions.

In common with other SoloHill microcarriers, Star-Plus is constructed of a rigid polystyrene core which facilitates high cell recovery yields and efficient separation of beads and cells with simple screening devices. Polystyrene microcarriers have the added benefit of requiring no additional preparation steps required for use. Each manufactured lot of Star-Plus microcarriers is performance tested both pre- and post-gamma irradiation for cell attachment and growth, making them ideal for use in closed manufacturing operations.

Star-Plus microcarriers are available in a non-sterile, small volume vialed format for research and process development applications; and available sterilized by gamma irradiation in the Allegro™ Microcarrier Delivery System (AMDS) for easy incorporation into single-use systems.   Star-Plus microcarriers are the first choice for your demanding Cell Therapy and Human Vaccine manufacturing applications.

For more information about Star-Plus microcarriers, contact Charles Golighty, Director of Marketing [email protected].

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