GEA Optimizes Monitoring of Powder Flow, Fluidization and Cleaning

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December 11, 2017

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GEA Optimizes Monitoring of Powder Flow, Fluidization and Cleaning

GEA Service recently launched its new VISIOCOVER™ Upgrade Program for the safe visual inspection of non-sticky-powder processes in the dairy, food, chemical and pharma industries. For customers currently using SANICOVER™ to monitor their powder flow, fluidization and cleaning, the upgrade provides three standard sizes to match the SANICOVER™ systems. Installing the VISIOCOVER™ on existing SANICOVER™ installations is easy and allows the technician to safely inspect the production without opening the cover, which would risk contaminating the product. The VISIOCOVER™ Cam with integrated light source allows remote visual inspection through a video signal feed.

Direct inspection and remote monitoring
VISIOCOVER™ is a transparent sanitary cover for visual inspection and process access, with a remote monitoring option based on the proven SANICOVER™ hygienic design and compliant with EHEDG guidelines. Thanks to the embedded camera and lighting option, VISIOCOVER™ can provide a detailed real-time view of the powder flow and fluidization and can assist operators in optimizing shutdown and start-up procedures. The large, transparent cover allows an unimpeded view of the process. Embedded LED lamps and process-side air curtain ensure good visibility and make the VISIOCOVER™ the ideal solution for visual inspection, combined with access to the process.

An integrated wide-angle camera provides the control room with an excellent view of the process, enabling the operator to obtain visual confirmation of the presence of powder or the degree of fluidization during start-up. During normal operation, many standard checks on the process can be performed from the control room.

The VISIOCOVER™ can replace a standard SANICOVER™ within minutes and will continuously monitor and record a section view of the equipment. VISIOCOVER™ has a sanitary design flush with the flanges on the process side, unlike traditional covers which have high collars and are often difficult to clean.

The VISIOCOVER™ Upgrade Program is GEA’s sophisticated solution for modern process monitoring, providing less manual handling, cleaning and maintenance.

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