Video news: Tosoh launches multi-column chromatography tech at CPhI

Tosoh Bioscience says its Octave BIO MCC system allows customers customers to efficiently develop preclinical processes.

Dan Stanton, Managing editor

November 3, 2022

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Video news: Tosoh launches multi-column chromatography tech at CPhI

Date: Nov 3, 2022

Duration: 20 Min

Tosoh Bioscience says its Octave BIO multi-column chromatography (MCC) system combined with its SkillPak BIO prepacked columns allows customers to efficiently develop preclinical processes.

Tosoh showcased the downstream chromatography offering at BioProduction, part of CPhI Frankfurt, this week.

“[The Octave Bio system] that we just launched is unique because it can run any type of chromatography processes such as MCC, SMB, intensified batch,” said Romain Dabre, senior manager, Global Product Management, at Tosoh Bioscience.

“And you can even do your one-column breakthrough testing before on one [piece of] equipment. There is no need to purchase multiple instruments, and no need to have multiple equipment to perform all your multi-column chromatography processes.”

He continued: “Tosoh Bioscience is the first company to offer a holistic solution for MCC application because we have not launched only the Octave BIO MCC system but also have the full set of SkillPak BIO columns […] so that our customers in the bio-industry can come to us and have a discussion with one expert that can bring them through the whole process development.”

Tosoh bolstered its downstream bioproduction portfolio, made up of chromatography resins, through the acquisition of Semba Biosciences in October 2021.  The deal saw Tosoh gain all of Semba’s staff and assets for an undisclosed fee.

And in August 2022, the company invested $120 million to expand its Nanyo Complex in Shunan City, Japan to meet the increased demand for separation and purification media

“Tosoh has evolved a lot over the past few years, and we have invested a lot in full solutions for our biopharma customers and partners, which means that we don’t stop here with the Octave BIO and SkillPak BIO – the future goes into GMP manufacturing,” said Dabre.

“So next year you will see the next evolution of Octave BIO – Octave PRO – to go from this process development that has been made on the current system to a full GMP suitable MCC skid to allow for GMP manufacturing. And we will have the prepacked columns, SkillPak PRO, to do the full GMP manufacturing.”

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