SCIEX showcases candidate selection tech at BWB

The Intabio ZT system offers high resolution separation and mass spectrometry technology for drug development, says SCIEX.

Dan Stanton, Managing editor

September 27, 2023

20 Min View
SCIEX showcases candidate selection tech at BWB

Date: Sep 27, 2023

Duration: 20 Min

The Intabio ZT system offers high resolution separation and mass spectrometry technology for the development of monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, and fusion proteins, says SCIEX.

Bioprocess instrumentation company SCIEX showcased the Intabio ZT system at BPI East, part of BWB 2023, in Boston last week.

The technology couples imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (iCIEF) separation and UV detection with high resolution mass spectrometry on the ZenoTOF 7600 system – SCIEX’s high-resolution mass spectrometry solution.

The tech can be used for numerous functions across drug discovery and development, including clone selection and cell line development, process development, formulation, and manufacturing attribute monitoring.

“Currently, there are standalone imaged capillary isoelectric focusing systems that use UV detection,” Steven Calciano, market development manager, (Bio)Pharma, Americas, SCIEX, told BioProcess Insider at the event.

“[SCIEX} were really the first vendor to provide a seamless solution to integrate that to mass spectrometry for direct peak characterization. So within about 20 minutes, you can fully characterize your samples, get peak identity, and use that information to influence or better understand your processes and procedures for manufacturing.”

Check out the full video below:

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