Modification of Glycans in Bioprocessing

BPI Contributor

June 17, 2016

20 Min View
Modification of Glycans in Bioprocessing

Date: Jun 17, 2016

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Ryan Boniface, R&D Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Protein quality is a topic of increasing importance as quality elements can have a significant impact on clinical behavior of a molecule. This talk will explore approaches to modify glycan patterns contribute to predicting, achieving and maintaining preferred glycosylation profiles.

Glycosylation is a key product quality attribute for many biotherapeutic proteins expressed in CHO cells. N-linked glycans may display macro- and micro-heterogeneity; the degree of this variation can depend on several factors, including cell line, media/feeds, and process. As a consequence, it has often been challenging to predict, achieve and maintain preferred glycosylation profiles from cell culture development through bioreactor scale-up.

More information on this topic can be found in this on-demand webcast, Taking Medium and Feed Development Beyond Maximizing Protein Titer to Optimizing Glycan Distribution and Simplifying Process Scale-Up.

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