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Transforming Adenovirus Quantitation | Rapid, Automated, At-Line Approach Using Octet®️ BLI

BPI Contributor

February 21, 2024

1 Min Read
Sartorius Adenovirus

Viral vector vaccines offer the advantage of a rapid response to emerging pathogens or even personalized cancer treatments. Adenoviruses (AV) represent one of the most versatile and well characterized viral vectors that have been used for clinical applications up to today. However, analytical methods for the development and manufacturing of adenoviral biopharmaceuticals are still challenging and require continuous improvement to facilitate fast and reliable vector quantification and functional assessment.

In this application note, we report the development of a rapid, high-throughput capsid assay for AV quantification on the Octet® BLI platform that demonstrates excellent precision and reliability. The BLI method provides significant time savings compared to ELISA, qPCR or ddPCR.  In addition, it is shown that crude as well as purified samples with different matrices/buffer conditions can be measured without elaborate sample preparation.

  • Streamlining processes and saving time by using Octet® BLI

  • How Octet® BLI assay offers near real-time feedback on AV bioprocessing

  • Comparison of Octet® BLI to ELISA, qPCR or ddPCR

  • High-throughput analysis of crude as well as purified samples with different matrices/buffer conditions without elaborate sample preparation

  • A novel approach that can be used as a standard method for viral titer quantification in bioprocessing

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