The Five Heresies of Cell Culture: Debunking Conventional Wisdom

Ian Sarad

June 11, 2021

1 Min Read

19-6-SBI-CR-Cover-223x300.pngCell culture and bioprocessing conventional wisdom remains a hurdle for the wider adoption of more precise tools. It has been more than 60 years since any real progress has been made towards creating a more accurate and reliable way of performing cell culture monitoring to better understand the effects of things like pH and oxygen at the pericellular level. At SBI, we’re developing optical sensing technologies that unlock the “black box” of cell culture to bring actionable insights to scientists and researchers for faster scale-up. The flexibility of optical sensors allows for real-time monitoring anywhere within a culture vessel or bioreactor, making experiments more reproducible. In this report, we’ve pulled together a list of five heresies of cell culture that have been published in peer-reviewed journal articles to illustrate the required transition from conventional cell culture wisdom to this new and better way forward for scientists and researchers.

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