Reduce Risk and Enable Continuous Manufacturing Using Pre-Packed Columns for Multicolumn Chromatography

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May 16, 2024

30 Min View
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Date: May 16, 2024

Duration: 30 Min

This webcast features: Adam Nelson, Chromatography Product Manager, Repligen.

In the biopharmaceutical industry, enhancing process productivity and facility efficiency while mitigating the risk of column packing failure remains a critical endeavor. This webinar delves into the technical nuances of leveraging pre-packed chromatography columns to achieve these objectives.

A compelling case study showcases tangible savings achieved by a customer through the adoption of pre-packed columns for continuous manufacturing. By transitioning from self-packed columns to pre-packed columns, the customer realized substantial cost savings in terms of dollars, time, training, and skilled resources.  The transition then allowed the manufacturer to reallocate the packing room space for other process activities, thereby improving facility efficiency. Furthermore, the adoption of pre-packed columns led to reduction in the risk associated with column packing failures; therefore, safeguarding manufacturing processes against disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted production schedules, optimizing productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how pre-packed chromatography columns expedite speed-to-clinic and reduce equipment and skilled resource requirements while facilitating accelerated drug development timelines.

  • Appreciate the significance of eliminating column packing failures through onboarding pre-packed chromatography columns with reliable performance to optimize manufacturing processes and bolster facility efficiency.

  • Evaluate the tangible benefits, including cost savings and risk reduction, attained by transitioning from self-packed columns to pre-packed columns for continuous manufacturing through a detailed case study analysis.

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