Quality, Speed and Flexibility by Design

BPI Contributor

August 1, 2010

1 Min Read
Quality, Speed and Flexibility by Design

Accelerating the path to new biomanufacturing capacity typically corresponds with increased costs and the risk of lower quality. Overcoming these compromises requires a holistic QbD-based rethinking of how biomanufacturing is approached. By rethinking biomanufacturing equipment, facility design and services, Xcellerex has achieved dramatic improvements in deployment time, while also reducing capital investment, operating costs, and improving overall quality and compliance. This webcast discusses the advantages of the FlexFactory® Biomanufacturing Platform, such as:

  • Multi-product, simultaneous manufacturing

  • Open platform for any bioprocessing technology/process control

  • 70% reduction on time to build/validate to GMP ready (9mo.)

  • And more.

Join Parrish Galliher, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Xcellerex, as he provides an in-depth look at the technology behind Xcellerex’s FlexFactory Biomanufacturing Platform.

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