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Production of Biotherapeutics Using GlycoExpress® Expression Platform Technology

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Glycotope_Logo_cmyk_revised-300x93.gifGlycoExpress® (GEX®) technology is a well-established human expression platform for the screening and production of biotherapeutics. By contrast with other human cell lines (e.g., HEK293 and Per.C6) GlycoExpress® expression platform consists of a toolbox of glycoengineered cell lines optimized for producing biotherapeutics with desired glycan structures to improve their clinical performance.

Glycotope’s GEX® technology provides an established expression platform proven for different biopharmaceuticals:

  • Antibodies of different isotypes (e.g., IgG, IgM, IgA)

  • Defucosylated antibodies

  • Bispecific antibodies/fragments (e.g., NK cell/T-cell recruiters)

  • Difficult-to-express and complex glycosylated proteins

  • Blood factors (e.g., FVII)

  • Protein hormones (e.g., FSH, HCG)

  • Fusion proteins with extended serum half-life

  • Enzymes (e.g., for enzyme replacement therapy).

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