PendoTECH Sensors and Industry 4.0: Integrating a PendoTECH Single-Use Sensor System with a Digital Highway

Nick Troise

August 27, 2021

1 Min Read

BPI_A_141207AR24_O_F0002g.jpgBiopharmaceutical manufacturing is evolving with the progression of Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 refers to the ongoing “fourth industrial revolution,” which is transforming modern manufacturing and production practices through the use of “smart” technology. This is appealing especially to the biopharmaceutical industry, where production can be a long, meticulous, complex process, and optimizing manufacturing procedures is critical for success. As a leading supplier of single-use technology for the biopharmaceutical industry, PendoTECH recently has explored how its products can be integrated easily with an industrial platform and the opportunities that result.

At the heart of the technology that enables PendoTECH sensors and instrumentation to be adapted conveniently to a digital highway is an intelligent automation platform (IAP). Typically, an IAP has analog inputs and digital inputs/outputs for communicating with all unit-operation devices essential to manufacturing (e.g., sensors, transmitters, and monitors). The intelligent automation platform then uses its industrial communication capabilities (e.g., Ethernet, WiFi, and RS485) to communicate with a centralized controller in the required language (e.g., MODBUS, PROFIBUS, and OPC UA). That provides flexibility for a manufacturing facility to enable the correct equipment to be used when and where it is needed.

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