Optimized Expression Systems for Increased Productivity in CHO DG44 Based Cell Line Development

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November 4, 2021

20 Min View
Optimized Expression Systems for Increased Productivity in CHO DG44 Based Cell Line Development

Date: Nov 4, 2021

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Dr. Rathangadhara Nammalwar, Team Lead, Cell Line Development for Protein-Based Therapeutics, Sartorius

The Global Cell Line Development (CLD) services market is growing at an unprecedented pace. In 2020, the global revenues were about $700 million and are estimated to reach nearly $1.7 billion by 2028. Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells have been the most preferred host cell line for those CLD services, and they alone generated more than 50% of the global revenue in 2020. Key success factors for CLD services are increased product titers, reduced development timelines, optimal product quality attributes, and scalability.

With the growing complexity of biomolecules that need to be expressed, the goal of maintaining high productivities poses a significant challenge to any CLD service provider. Hence, this is a prime focus for research and development in the area. The expression vector forms a central element of a CLD platform, which can address the aspects above.

Learn about Sartorius’ optimized expression system, which leads to higher productivity by increased mRNA stability and subcellular localization. Further, individually developed expression systems for double and single expression cassettes provide customized solutions focused on the product type.

With this next-generation Sartorius expression system, we can offer our clients the benefit of having their product expressed using a stable and robust cell line development platform.

Key takeaways:

  • Genetic elements which enhance mRNA stability result in significantly higher product titers.

  • Next-generation Sartorius expression vectors provide optimal conditions for product expression and stability, thereby ensuring optimal product yield.

  • The combination of Sartorius’ optimized media, process conditions, and the new expression vector provide the best CLD service quality.

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