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Noncontact SONOFLOW®C0.55 Clamp-On Flow Meters and SONOCHECK®ABD06 Bubble Detectors

Daniel Thieme

August 10, 2020

1 Min Read


Figure 1: SONOFLOW CO.55 flow meter for noncontact flow monitoring (LEFT) and SONOCHECK ABD06 sensor for bubble detection (RIGHT)

Noninvasive SONOFLOW clamp-on flow sensors and noninvasive SONOCHECK bubble detectors are designed for accurate and contamination-free upstream and downstream monitoring to fulfill regulatory goals within the process analytical technology (PAT) framework.

Field-Proven Technology: SONOFLOW clamp-on flow sensors are designed for upstream and downstream bioprocess monitoring. These innovative sensors have
integrated electronics that enable them to function without an external board or transmitter, providing a complete flow meter in a device the size of a small transducer. The systems can be applied throughout process development, manufacturing, and fill–finish operations.

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