October 2023 Featured Report

Modern Sensor Technologies for Viral-Vector Manufacturing: Improving Ultraviolet Photometric Detection of Full and Empty Adenoassociated Virus Capsids

Joe Hewitt

October 24, 2023

1 Min Read

21-10-FR-SS-PendoTech-Cover-224x300.pngDespite rapid progress, significant obstacles remain for viral-vector manufacturing, including the need for effective separation of full and empty viral capsids. Optimizing that step is difficult but critical to achieving good yields of functional vectors. The biopharmaceutical industry has rapidly developed enhanced resins, matrices, and methods for such processes. As this author from EnVision Instruments explains, dual-channel, in-line photometers based on modern UV-LED light sources provide a powerful tool for process scientists working to address current limitations. He highlights the limitations of traditional mercury-vapor UV light sources — from unwieldy size to high power draw and the tendency to cause sensor drift — before describing the alternative that light-emitting diodes present. Narrow-bandwidth LEDs centered at or near the wavelengths of interest help analysts by overcoming the key limitation of legacy UV-filter photometers, and they are less resource intensive and operate in a smaller footprint.

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