Increasing the Integrity of Closed Systems: Advantages Offered by Single-Use Connectors

Todd Andrews

February 11, 2022

1 Min Read

20-1-2-CPC-CR-Cover-Border-225x300.pngDue to the complexity of biologic development and manufacturing and the business pressures of the biopharmaceutical industry’s landscape, the margin for error in today’s industry is small. That is why minimizing the threat of contamination is critical when using a closed system for drug development and manufacturing. Yet the traditional method of connecting each step in a closed process can present other risks to the integrity of your product. Therefore, it is important for you to be confident in selecting single-use sterile connectors that meet the specific sterility and reliability needs for your application.

In this BPI Special Report, Todd Andrews of Colder Products Company (CPC) explores how single use technology provides flexibility, helps with process optimization while reducing risks association with contamination and leaks.

Read the full report now to learn how single-use connectors can help increase the integrity of closed systems.

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