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Improved Single-Use Technology for Online Turbidity Measurements

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Figure 1: Turbidity system setup

Turbidity is the relative clarity of a liquid as the result of suspended solids. Typically, turbidity measurements are taken by using a beam of light to detect the presence of particles and measuring the difference between the amount of light that is emitted from a source and the amount received by a detector. In bioprocess operations, liquid turbidity often is measured postfiltration to detect “break through,” or undesired materials coming from a filter, which provides an overall assessment of filter performance.

Presently, turbidity measurements are made through offline sampling. However, that approach is inefficient and often disrupts bioprocesses. By contrast, PendoTECH’s
single-use turbidity measurement system takes on-line measurements, enabling users to monitor turbidity in real time. The system uses single-use flow cells, which enable users to take noninvasive measurements (no physical product contact), and it eliminates the need for typical maintenance requirements such as calibration and cleaning.

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