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Giving You the Power for Clinical and Commercial Success

JB Agnus

August 10, 2020

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Figure 1: Capabilities flow chart

As a result of increased focus on customized medicine and continued emphasis on drug
development for rare diseases, the biopharmaceutical industry continues to advance its methods for disease treatment by developing target-specific novel therapeutics.

Formulations for these types of programs are complex and therefore present challenges in the design, scale-up, and manufacture of drug substances and drug products. Such challenges can delay getting critical products to patients. Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) can help advance therapeutics and navigate production hurdles that traditionally can slow those programs down.

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is your trusted CDMO partner, providing a broad range of capabilities, regulatory excellence, and extensive experience to help you navigate those challenges, provide solutions to your development process, and deliver your new therapies to patients who need them.

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