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BPI Staff

September 16, 2015

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Accelerator Development Services
Applications: Bioprocess consulting, process development, and qualification
Features: Pall Life Sciences supports customers with an experienced team of scientists and engineers — from on-site guidance to larger projects in its own process development laboratories.

13-8-sup-PadReactor-300x300.jpgPadReactor® Single-Use Bioreactors
Applications: Flexible for suspension- adapted and adherent cell cultures
Features: The PadReactor family of single-use bioreactors is designed for cell culture applications. These systems are linearly scalable (5–1,000 L) and suited from laboratory-scale process development to large-scale GMP manufacturing. They are proven to be effective for cultivation of suspended cells and adherent cells on microcarriers (e.g., Pall SoloHill® microcarriers).

SoloHill® Microcarrier Training Courses
Applications: Promotes efficient user acquisition of microcarrier operational skills Features: SoloHill microcarrier training courses are offered at Pall’s sites in Ann Arbor, MI (USA), and Portsmouth, England (UK). Each course can be customized to your specific needs…

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