Exploring Affinity Capture in AAV Platform Downstream Processing

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October 19, 2023

20 Min View
Exploring Affinity Capture in AAV Platform Downstream Processing

Date: Oct 19, 2023

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Nicolas Laroudie, Staff Scientist, Field Applications, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Recent years have witnessed a rapid increase in early phase clinical trials and successful regulatory approvals for multiple AAV-based therapies utilizing diverse serotypes. Amidst the pursuit of delivering novel, high quality, and safe AAV products, the importance of an efficient, scalable, and platformable purification process for a variety of AAV serotypes is paramount for both pharmaceutical developers and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs).

This webinar investigates the critical considerations when assessing an affinity capture step within a comprehensive AAV vector purification strategy. Parameters such as specificity, binding capacity, purity, yield, scalability, and reusability will be thoroughly examined. We will also share performance data of the industry-leading Thermo ScientificTM POROSTM CaptureSelectTM AAV affinity resin in relation to other commercially available options.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crucial factors for choosing the appropriate affinity capture step for an AAV purification process.

  • Comprehensive performance data, including dynamic binding capacity comparisons between POROSTM CaptureSelectTM AAV affinity resin and other AAV purification resins.

  • Insights from resin reuse studies, contributing to a reduced cost of goods for AAV production.

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