Effective Strategies for Endotoxin Removal in Therapeutic Protein Purification

BPI Contributor

February 15, 2024

15 Min View
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Date: Feb 15, 2024

Duration: 15 Min

This webcast features: Heidi Jones, MBA, Market Development Manager,

Chromatography Applications & Collaborations,  Bio-Rad Laboratories.Endotoxins are common pyrogenic impurities in therapeutic protein preparations that make the next steps in the purification process very difficult. They are negatively charged complex aggregates of lipopolysaccharides released in large amounts from the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria during mechanical cell lysis and death. Their presence in even minute concentrations in therapeutic protein preparations can cause septic shock, tissue injury, and even death.In research samples, endotoxins can hinder accurate data screening and immunological readouts. Endotoxins are extremely thermally stable and insensitive to pH changes, making their removal especially challenging.

This webcast will present case studies using various resins that have been successfully used for endotoxin removal. Key Takeaways:

  • Ensuring low endotoxin levels in any downstream process.

  • Overcoming purification challenges.

  • Proven purification workflows that significantly reduce endotoxin levels for a variety of protein therapeutics.

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