Drug Formulations Are Changing: New Sterile Filtration Challenges in the Changing Landscape of Drug Formulations

Tom Watson

November 16, 2020

1 Min Read

18-11-12-Pall-CR-Cover-223x300.pngRead about the challenges of sterile filtration of high concentration mAbs, liposomes, and lentiviral vectors, and how to solve them in this Special Report.

Development of new, complex drug formulations has given us therapeutics with properties that are markedly different from traditional drug types. High viscosity or low surface tension formulations or large viral vector molecules can mean that sterile filtration processes, which are optimized for traditional drug types, are not as efficient for the new, complex formulations.

Premature filter blockage, hold-up of high value product in the filter system, reliable bacterial retention, and reliable transmission of the drug product through the filter are all challenges which can be mitigated with the right filter.

Within this feature we discuss some of the challenges associated with the sterile filtration of high concentration monoclonal antibodies, liposomes and lentiviral vectors and suggests strategies to:

  • Help you maximize yields

  • Avoid filter validation workarounds

  • Meet process development timelines.

Learn more about complex drug formulations and their sterile filtration challenges!

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