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November 30, 2023

20 Min View
Development of Advanced Feed Media and Supplements for a Robust, Cost-Effective, and High-Productivity Process

Date: Nov 30, 2023

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Yaron Silberberg, PhD, Chief Scientist, Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea Co., Inc.

Cell culture media composition and upstream bioprocess conditions are crucial factors affecting protein yield in the production of biologics and biosimilars. Recently, advanced new techniques were developed that use IT approaches, including computer simulation of bioprocesses, AI tools, and ‘multiomics’ methods for analysis of cellular metabolic pathways. These techniques allow optimization of both process and media composition for maximizing culture performance and protein production.

In this webcast, learn about the importance of cell culture media optimization, focusing on feed media, for achieving the most out of the biologics pipeline. Also, discover other supplements that can help achieve faster cell growth and higher productivity, providing cost-effective, simplified process solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand multiomics and metabolic flux analysis approach for identification of metabolic bottlenecks and critical media components.

  • Learn about a case study, development of enhanced feed media using multiomics bio-simulations.

  • Analyze new feed supplements for productivity enhancement and process simplification.

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