Delivering on the Promise of Bispecifics: State-of-the-Art Bispecific Antibody Development

20-6-CR-Selexis-Cover-Border-214x300.pngBispecific antibodies (bsAbs) have transformed the field of immunotherapy. However, moving these life-changing therapeutics from the bench to the clinic can be time-consuming and costly. Further, challenges such as aggregation, degradation, fragmentation, and denaturation may ultimately hinder a program from advancing to the clinic. Partnering with a CDMO with relevant experience and technologies can be critical for safely and cost-effectively manufacturing bispecific antibodies. With Selexis’s cell line technology and KBI Biopharma’s manufacturing and analytics, we lead the industry in technologies and expertise for efficiently producing bispecific therapeutics for clinical use. The promise of this class of therapeutics is huge, and we are driven to help our clients rapidly advance the clinical development of these new and powerful treatment options for patients who live with cancers and other serious diseases.

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