Clamp-On Flow Meters for Process Monitoring

Fernando Rangel

August 24, 2021

1 Min Read

19-8-CR-Sonotec-Cover-223x300.pngProcess monitoring entails systematic recording or measurement of an operation or process by means of technical aids. Repeated, regular execution is a central element of that activity. Statistical process control and management help to optimize and stabilize processes. They also ensure appropriate monitoring of threshold values. Ultrasound-based clamp-on flow meters are ideal measuring methods for that purpose because they enable data collection without requiring operators or equipment to intervene in a process. Noncontact flow sensors also combine high precision with easy application.

In this BPI special report, Fernando Rangel explains how modern ultrasonic flow sensors from Sonotec enable contactless flow measurement of a wide range of liquids in flexible tubing. The report demonstrates that such technologies can take measurements over a wide flow range with an accuracy of ±2% of the measured value. Under varying media properties and over a wide temperature range, an accuracy of ±5% of the measured value also can be achieved. With the help of in-line flow meters, absolute accuracy in the single-digit µL/s range is possible, even at very low flow rates.

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