Benefits of a Customized Cell Line Development Program

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21-9-CR-Just-Evotec-Cover-Border-230x300.pngCell line development at Just-Evotec Biologics is focused on lowering the cost of manufacturing and creating highly productive cell lines for our clients and partners. To achieve this, we leverage our own in-house GS knockout CHO host cell line, which has been shown to support cell densities up to 80 M cell/mL and productivities upwards of 5 g/L/day in our perfusion bioreactor platform. Additionally, we have implemented advanced instruments and liquid handling automation to increase the throughput of processes that are historically major bottlenecks. Examples of this include semi-automated, independent transfections of up to 32 different expression vectors or high throughput single-cell cloning/screening of up 1000 clones. Paired with our process development and manufacturing expertise, we continue to push the envelope on improving drug costs and have enabled many of our clients to file for BLAs.

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