Assurance of Clonality: Next-Generation Single-Cell Dispensing in Cell Line Development and Single-Cell Genomics

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16-7-Cytena_SR-222x300.jpgAt the Cell Line Development and Engineering (CLD&E) conference(23–25 April 2018, Amsterdam), Jonas Schöndube, CEO of cytena GmbH, gave a presentation highlighting some of the company’s recent developments in single-cell dispensing for documented clonal cell lines.

About cytena
cytena is a young company dedicated to the development and manufacture of tools for the biopharmaceutical industry. In 2015, cytena launched the single-cell printer™ (scp™), which enables fully automated isolation of single cells into 96- and 384-well plates. The patented technology uses high-resolution optics and image recognition to dispense single-cell containing, free-flying small droplets in an inkjet printer-like manner (Figure 1). The scp™ is easy to use and features a label-free, image-based assurance of clonality (Figure 2), and the gentle dispensation method maintains cell viability. Cells are loaded into sterilized, single-use dispensing cartridges, which prevent cross-contamination and minimize cumbersome cleaning routines. Our customers include most of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, and the scp™ is highlighted in more than 15 publications by our customers. In 2018, cytena launched the x.sight™ series, a new suite of products, which now broadens the number of possible downstream applications.

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