Adsorption Study of Egg-Derived Influenza Virus with Cellufine Sulfate Affinity Chromatography Media

Shigeyuki Aoyama

August 18, 2015

1 Min Read

cellfine_logo_blue-300x96.jpgAn efficient process for purifying virus particles is important when developing a vaccine. Cellufine Sulfate affinity chromatography medium has been used for manufacturing viral vaccines such as JNC-logo-300x42.jpginfluenza virus, rabies virus, and Japanese encephalitis virus. Here we describe how to purify egg-derived influenza with Cellufine Sulfate media. Figure 1 shows a typical chromatogram of inactivated influenza virus A strain (H7N7) from allantoic fluid with Cellufine Sulfate media. Table 1 shows that adsorbed virus particles are eluted from the medium easily with high purity.

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