Achieve Best-in-Class Purification with the Avantor J.T.Baker BAKERBOND PROchievA Resin

Jungmin Oh

August 16, 2021

1 Min Read

19-7-8-Avantor-LOGO-300x55.jpg19-7-8-Avantor-P1-300x200.jpgThere is an established, global pipeline of existing and upcoming monoclonal antibody (MAb) drugs that treat a wide variety of clinical indications. In MAb manufacturing, protein A chromatography is a proven downstream purification process, but there remains a need to reduce total costs while improving purity and yield. The Avantor J.T.Baker BAKERBOND PROchievA recombinant protein A chromatography resin advances the production of MAbs by providing different choices to biopharmaceutical supply chains. Offered both as a bulk resin and as prepackaged laboratory columns, the BAKERBOND® PROchievA resin is suitable for purifying MAbs, FC fusion proteins, and bispecific antibodies. The high-performance resin enables efficiency in workflow processes and protocols.

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